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Raid on Entebbe constitutes one of two all-star made-for-TV reenactments of the Entebbe rescue of July 4, 1976. On June 27, 1976, a jet carrying an international mix of passengers is hijacked by pro-Palestinian revolutionaries. The plane lands in Entebbe, Uganda, where President-for-life Idi Amin (Yaphet Kotto) struts about feigning concern, though his sympathy toward the hijackers is obvious. Many of the passengers are released, but 103 Israelis are kept in custody, and it becomes apparent that the revolutionaries plan to ...


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Dec 30, 2015

Classic historical movie!

This movie is a great addition to any collection.

Normally you can find this online, but without the first 20 minutes or so; you get the whole thing here.

The only thing holding it back is that is needs s re-mastered release.

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