Queen of Outer Space ()

directed by Edward Bernds
featuring Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eric Fleming, Laurie Mitchell, Paul Birch, Patrick Waltz, Barbara Darrow

Show Synopsis

This legendarily campy sci-fi epic (shot in color and CinemaScope, and rather lavish for a sci-fi film of this period) concerns a team of astronauts (all men -- this was 1958, you know) who are drawn off course and land on the planet Venus, only to discover it's populated entirely by beautiful women! The space travelers spend a lot of time drooling over their new hosts, dressed in highly practical mini-skirts, but the Venusian queen (Laurie Mitchell) does not much care for her visitors and wants to see them executed. ...

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David L

Apr 22, 2013

Science Fiction Culture

Interesting idea about another space society.
Performed in the 1950's or 1960's classic science fiction style. Zsa Zsa perfromance is done nicely, and believavle.

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