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No relation to the 1949 Somerset Maugham "omnibus" film of the same name, 1981's Quartet is based on the roman a clef by Jean Rhys. Though the names are changed, it is clearly the story of Rhys' romance with Ford Maddox Ford in 1920s Paris. The titular quartet consists of novelist Isabelle Adjani, her Polish husband Anthony Higgins, wealthy philanderer Alan Bates and Bates' artist wife Maggie Smith. Though she's been indulgent of Higgins's past indiscretions, Smith isn't keen on her husband carrying on an affair with ...


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Jul 4, 2013

Set in the 20's

Fine costumes & acting in a period piece with many parts in French with sub-titles. Sets the idea that there is no honest work for women during the 1920's Rather a dark film, but interesting ideas..

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