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Based on the long-running comic strip created by E.C. Segar (and less on the animated cartoons created by Max Fleischer, which were decidedly different in tone and approach), Popeye follows the sailor man with the mighty arms (played by Robin Williams in his first major film role) as he arrives in the seaside community of Sweethaven in search of his long-lost father. Popeye meets and quickly falls for the slender Olive Oyl (Shelley Duvall, in the role she was born to play), but Olive's hand has already been promised to the ...

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Oct 8, 2014

Oldie but Still Great

As received, the soundtrack, colors, images, and dvd itself were in outstanding condition, considering the age of this movie. Worth viewing again, or for the first time. Some limited "salty" wording from Poop Deck Pappy, very entertaining overall. If you can buy at big discount, go for it.

Vernita P

Jul 12, 2012

A Classic

this was a good, good movie. I love Popeye
the saler man.


Apr 14, 2010

Spinach To The Rescue

TITLE: Popeye
GENRE: Live Action Cartoon/Musical
CAST: Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall, Paul L Smith, Paul Dooley, Linda Hunt, Peter Bray, Donald Moffat, Roberta Maxwell, Donovan Scott, MacIntyre Dixon and Dennis Franz
PLOT: Since infancy, Popeye has not seen his Pappy. A vision of his mother tells him he will reune with his father in Sweethaven. Here he meets Olive Oyl and the rest of the Thimble Theater troupe. An abandoned baby brings Popeye and Olive together in love. The baby, Swee' Pea, has extraordinary powers and is kidnapped. In the pursuit to rescue the infant, Pappy is found. Spinach, as usual, saves the day..
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9 of 10; For the children viewers, there is the phenomenal town of the fantasy to get lost in. The characters are truly magical themselves and as a cartoon should, all the action is exaggerated. For the adult viewer, there is the musical composed by Nilsson which is just as whimsical as the rest of the presentation. Has anyone done whimsical better than Nilsson in the last 100 years? (Me and My Arrow)
DVD BONUS: None (a shame because though the bigs of Hollywood labeled this a flop, it will live as a must see for every child)ADDED NOTES: Director Robert Altman's original product was three hours long and the material still exists. This edited version lasts just shy of two hours. So maybe for the fifty year anniversary we'll get to see it all as the master envisioned it.
And yes, that cast member listed is Dennis Franz who plays a marvelous singing bully in this film.


Feb 12, 2009

Cute Movie

Robin Williams is a great Hero as Popeye.
Shelley Duvall really sounds like Olive Oyl from the cartoons. All the characters as a matter of fact bring back childhood memories.

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