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Originally intended as a project for Blake Edwards, the film version of Pierre Boule's semisatiric sci-fi novel came to the screen in 1968 under the directorial guidance of Franklin J. Schaffner. Charlton Heston is George Taylor, one of several astronauts on a long space mission whose spaceship crash-lands on a remote planet, seemingly devoid of intelligent life. Soon the astronaut learns that this planet is ruled by a race of talking, thinking, reasoning apes who hold court over a complex, multilayered civilization. In ...


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May 11, 2009

A Sci-Fi Classic!

This is by far the best of any of the Planet of the Apes movies (including the newest version). Charleton Heston gives a brilliant performance in the role of astronaut Taylor. The story is riveting and although Pierre Boules's original novel is only a generously loose guide, the cinematic presentation is absolutely incredible. The drama and action as well as the depth of concept is incredible. The final scenes with the Statue of Liberty drive home the conclusion of the storyline, which is teasingly insinuated throughout the movie - Taylor really is on planet Earth and the terrifying reality of what mankind has done to his home.

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