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Now, the 7-time Academy-award-winning epic drama about legendary general George S. Patton is available in an exclusive Metalpak case. In this stirring portrait of an American original, the polarizing and uncompromising Patton (George C. Scott) rouses the troops to combat the advancing Nazi front in the Mediterranean and European theaters, paving the way for Allied victory in World War II. Violet LeVoit, Rovi

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fred r

May 22, 2016

no B S war movie. poor troops. war sux!!!!! what more can I say?? Is Russia better

Sally M

Mar 10, 2011

War History must have

A true story but from Hollywood. Portrayal of General Patton's character and leadership. A must see to get a well rounded idea or a WWII theater with Patton

Bill C.

Jan 6, 2011

Fabulous Movie

This has to be one of the best performances by George C. Scott in his whole professional career. He was very good in portraying General George S. Patton. I would recommend this movie to be in your permanant movie library. I give this movie a 5 star rating without any doubt.

Andrew V

Nov 25, 2010

Patton DVD

An excellent example of how Hollywood
deals with bigger than life heros. I'd
highly recomend this DVD to anyone
who wants to get a sense of what
Patton accomplished during WW II.


Dec 22, 2008


The wartime career of one of the most controversial American commanders of World War II, Patton (George C.Scott) who forfeited command of the seventh army in Sicily after he had struck a soldier suffering from battle fatigue. Scott created history by being the first actor to refuse his Academy Award, one of seven which the movie won. Scott went on record denouncing the award as a farce and "self-serving meat parade". Needless to say his performance is EXCELLENT. Scott is an actor so totally immersed in his part that he makes you believe he is the man himself. The script was written by none other than Francis Ford Coppola with assistance from Edmund H.North. They won an Academy Award for best story and screenplay. Fred Koenekamp's cinematography is class and gives the film an epic quality, even though it's primarily a character study. Jerry Goldsmith's score is very STIRRING. There are no women in the movie and none are listed in the main credits. As a piece of fil-making it's hard to beat.

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