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For Marshal O'Neil (Sean Connery), the Jupiter moon Io is just another dingy mining town on the final frontier. When his wife leaves him and takes their son with them, it merely confirms that though he's traveled millions of miles, his life is going nowhere. Then he notices that miners are dying in strangely psychotic ways -- walking in space without spacesuits, carving up prostitutes. With the help of Dr. Lazarus (Frances Sternhagen), his investigation reveals that the miners are ingesting a lethal drug that speeds their ...


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Apr 29, 2010

Some Things Will Never Change

TITLE: Outland
GENRE: SciFi near future solar system colonization
CAST: Sean Connery, Peter Boyle and Frances Sternhagen
PLOT: Even when the corporations rule civilization, there is a need for law enforcement. Even when there is unlimited wealth and opportunity, organized crime will find a way to flourish. The Marshal stumbles upon an amphetamine ring and stands on his own against a group out to kill him (Like the OK Corral only on Jupiter's moon, Io.
RETUTN ON INVESTMENT: 8 of 10; Anything with Connery works as long as the support is there. This movie has well executed stunts, models dialogue costumes and tension. Support enough? Yes!
DVD BONUS: Text only of bio's anf filmographies of the leading players, the concept development and the modeling idea; a theatrical trailer.
ADDED NOTES: The vision of how many will reside in hamster like environments and are stuck in the rut of job, eat, play, sleep and repeat is depressing but it is depicted well in this venture. I liked it, but it's nowhere near the best SciFi in that genre. Yet, still a way to pass the time until the station shuttle comes to transport us.

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