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Old Gramps (Lionel Barrymore) is not about to go gentle into that good night when Mr. Brink (Cedric Hardwicke), who sometimes travels under the name of the Grim Reaper, comes calling. Through a ruse, Gramps chases Brink up a tree in his garden, rendering the mysterious stranger helpless. As a result, no one dies throughout the world, and disease and misery runs rampant. Dispassionately, Mr. Brink decides to "reach" Gramps through his beloved grandson (Bobs Watson). He talks the boy into climbing the tree and then suffering ...

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Jul 30, 2009


What a totally Delightful movie! I caught most of it the other morning on TCM and I was completely pulled into the storyline and the characters. Lionel Barrymore was brilliant as Gramps and the child in the movie just broke my heart with his emotional and believable performance. This movie left me feeling good for several hours afterit ended. Anything that can do that, is a "must see" in my book.

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