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Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1943 Broadway musical was considered revolutionary for a multitude of reasons, not least of which were the play's intricate integration of song and storyline, and the simplicity and austerity of its production design. The 1955 film version of Oklahoma! retains the songs (except for Lonely Room and It's a Scandal!, which are usually cut from most stage presentations anyway) and the story, but the simplicity is sacrificed to the spectacle of Technicolor, Todd-AO, and Stereophonic Sound. The story can ...


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Rebecca A

May 28, 2016

My review of "Oklahoma".

Who doesn't love a classic?!?! I do!!! If you love musicals, Shirley Jones, Gordon MasRae, and the cast, this movie is for you. Shirley's character, and her community know that Shirley and Gordon love each other, but she doesn't want Gordon's character to think she is an easy catch, but she picked the wrong guy in Rod Steiger's character to go to the dance with. But you'll have to watch this movie to see if she lives "happily ever after."


Jun 16, 2011

Eat my dust

Hey, thanks for a great film, guys. My wife and daughter loved it. WB

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