Northanger Abbey ()

directed by Jon Jones
featuring Felicity Jones, JJ Feild, Carey Mulligan, William Beck

Show Synopsis

Felicity Jones and J.J. Feild star in this made for television adaptation of Jane Austin's easygoing parody of gothic fiction concerning a hopeless romantic drawn into a mysterious relationship. Catherine Moreland (Jones) longs for the day that a dashing gentleman will finally sweep her off her feet. Upon receiving an invitation to a lavish medieval home deep in the countryside, Catherine allows her most lurid fantasies to wash over her. Later, as Catherine sets out to explore the sprawling mansion, she forms a friendship ...

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Jessica J

Apr 14, 2016

Jane Austen would be proud

Felicity Jones is perfect! JJ Field is charming. Their chemistry is undeniable and brings this timeless story to life.

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