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One of the landmark "screwball" comedies of the 1930s, My Man Godfrey offers the radiant Carole Lombard in her definitive performance as flighty young heiress Irene Bullock, who on a society scavenger hunt stumbles on Godfrey (William Powell), an erudite hobo residing in the city dump. Godfrey becomes the family's butler, much to the dismay of Irene's father Alexander (Eugene Pallette), who thinks his household is crazy enough without another apparent lunatic under his roof. Halfway through the film, we discover that ...

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Oct 18, 2010

Colorized, Already Humorized

This is a very comical situational film (a sitcom?) where the idiosyncracies of a well to do, self-centered family play themselves out against the reality of the depression. Not being a sad drama, of course love wins the day. I was very taken with the machine gun like delivery of Carole Lombard when putting out her zingers. Her ditzy character (but really smart?) is juxtaposed against her former real life husband, William Powell. The two (went) worked well together. There is a recently colorized version on the DVD along with the original Black & White. Being a Depression Era product there isn't very much color in anything, except Lombard's beautifully coiffed golden hair.

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