Muppet Treasure Island ()

directed by Brian Henson
featuring Tim Curry, Jennifer Saunders, Kevin Bishop, Billy Connolly, Frank Oz

Show Synopsis

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a young orphan who becomes involved with pirate Long John Silver is given the Muppet treatment in this vibrant children's musical. As in The Muppet Christmas Carol, the film stays loyal to the original storyline but casts the well-known puppets in many of the supporting roles. Young Jim Hawkins remains human, as does Long John Silver, played by an amusingly exaggerated Tim Curry. However, Captain Smollet is played by the evergreen Kermit the Frog; Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Rizzo the Rat ...

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Apr 28, 2010

Which DVD Version to Buy

There are some key differences between the 2002 and 2005 DVD releases of Muppet Treasure Island. I have viewed them both, so you can decide which version is the best for you.

The 2005 "Kermit's Anniversary" edition features both full screen AND widescreen versions available on the disc. This is a great option if you simply MUST have widescreen and will accept no less. However, if you're a hardcore Muppet fan and would like a little background information on the making of the film, you're out of luck with this version, which does not feature commentary or behind-the-scenes features of any kind.

On the other hand, the 2002 DVD release DOES include audio commentary with director Brian Henson (as well as the occasional scripted comment from Gonzo and Rizzo). Interspersed throughout the commentary are little behind-the-scenes featurettes and interviews with Brian Henson and Tim Curry. However, this version is full screen only.

So you have to weigh which you would prefer.

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