Moses, Man of the Mountain


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In this 1939 novel based on the familiar story of the Exodus, Zora Neale Hurston blends the Moses of the Old Testament with the Moses of black folklore and song to create a compelling allegory of power, redemption, and faith. Narrated in a mixture of biblical rhetoric, black dialect, and colloquial English, Hurston traces Moses' life from the day he Is launched into the Nile river in a reed basket, to his development as a great magician, to his transformation into the heroic rebel leader, the Great Emancipator. From his ...

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Dec 16, 2010

a Delight on all levels

My college-age son recommended this book to me with little other than "It's great, a tough book to put down". he was correct. I loved this novel, a re-telling of the Moses story from the Bible with the flair and language of African America from the 1930s, writtten as it was by an African American woman and published in 1939. The prose and story flowed so smoothly it was a joy to read. I don't know the Bible so I can't tell you whether or how it compares and differs from that telling of the story. Enjoy it as merely a novel if you must; it has many levels and explores themes of racism, abuse of power, and the essays that accompany the novel itself, written by others, offer some context and discussion of the book itself. What an eye-opening discover for me.

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