Mexico City ()

directed by Richard Shepard
featuring Stacy Edwards, Robert Patrick, Johnny Zander

Show Synopsis

A one-day visit to Mexico City on their way south turns nightmarish when Sam (Johnny Zander) disappears, leaving his sister, Mitch (Stacy Edwards), to find him. Mitch has to start from scratch in one of the world's largest cities, and she has to do it alone as the police are mysteriously reluctant to help. Even the U.S. ambassador (Robert Patrick) is hesitant to get involved, suspecting Sam has gotten involved in drug smuggling. But Mitch refuses to leave without him, and with the help of a taxi driver (Jorge Robles), she ...

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Sep 30, 2010

Awful. Awful. Awful

Oh, boy. Who makes these turkeys? Was it a tax write off? Kitsch-funny. I plan to show it students as "Possibly the worst film "about" Mexico ever made?"

It's cheap. Have fun. Infra B-movie. Oh, yeah, it's about a gringo who gets kidnapped because he saw something he shouldn't have seen. Right. I'll remember that next time in in Mexico City.

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