Man With the Screaming Brain ()

directed by Bruce Campbell
featuring Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Antoinette Byron, Tamara Gorski, Remington Franklin, Stacy Keach

Show Synopsis

A wealthy industrialist in search of a tax break finds himself at the mercy of a deranged scientist in this surreal comic thriller from Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell. While his overwhelming greed and hawkish business sensibilities have helped to ensure pharmaceutical CEO William Cole (Campbell) a fairly comfortable existence, that doesn't stop the money-minded businessman from traveling to Bravoda with his trophy wife, Jackie (Antoinette Byron), in a bid to diversify his company's holdings. As William heads out to meet with ...

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Oct 30, 2008

Bruce Campbell does it again!

I admit I was a bit skeptical to this one when I first heard about it. I'm used to Bruce Campbell running around beating up monsters (Evil Dead, Bubbe Ho-Tep, to some degree Maniac Cop), so what the heck was this? Half his brain is replaced with the brain of another person, and they hunt down the guy who did it to them? Sounds lame, even for him...

But man, was I wrong. True, it starts pretty slow. A businessman and his wife travels to Bulgaria of all places, get in trouble with a taxi driver and a gypsy woman and yada yada yada. Who cares.

But then both the men are killed, and half the businessman's brain are replaced with the taxi driver's brain. They really hate each other, but control half the body each. The end result is hillarious, and only Bruce Campbell could have pulled this off. Superb work!

Note that this movie isn't out here in Norway, so get the Region 1 version and change the region code on your dvd-player to Region 1. It's worth it if you are a fan of Bruce Campbell. Trust me.

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