M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell & Amen ()

directed by Alan Alda
featuring Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Harry Morgan

Show Synopsis

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen was the instant-classic final installment of the long-running TV series M*A*S*H. After nearly three bloody years of combat in Korea (and 11 years' worth of TV time!), a truce has been declared and the 4077th is going home. News of the cease-fire affects different people different ways. The happiest of the bunch should be Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce (Alan Alda), but he is undergoing a mysterious bout of depression over a horrible incident in his past. Meanwhile, the insufferable Major Winchester ...

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John B

Sep 6, 2012

MASH grand finale

I remember watching MASH religiously when it first aired. More recently, I found the 70s philosophies transposed to the 50's a little awkward and ignored it, but I had fond memories of this, the final episode. They clearly decided to put everything into it.
Mostly, the smug Hawkeye was shown to us in a very different light. The surviving characters all had their moments centre-stage - though I rather missed Captain Flagg, the gung-ho equivalent of a political commissar!
Worthy viewing in itself, the supporting features added some insights for those interested in production, for fans, and for folk just after a laugh.

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