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MGM whipped up another musical salad with Luxury Liner, featuring a glittering lineup of contractees including Jane Powell, Lauritz Melchior and Xavier Cugat. George Brent plays the skipper of a "love boat"-type cruise ship, while Ms. Powell plays his daughter. She entertains the passengers at every opportunity with a string of forgettable songs, and finds love herself in the form of Thomas E. Breen(you remember him). The highlight of the film features Jane Powell in male drag, singing "Spring Came to Vienna" to an ...

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tina h

Feb 17, 2011

you'll never know you're on a boat!

i love this movie. i've waited for it to be available on dvd for a long time. it is worth buying it, if you like opera, old movies, cute humor, and energy of youth. beautiful color film,'ll never know you're on a boat!

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