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The first season of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman borrows just enough from its comic-book source material to satisfy dyed-in-the-wool Superman buffs while adding several novel and surprising twists of its own. Fresh from the rural community of Smallville, handsome country bumpkin Clark Kent (Dean Cain) lands a job as reporter for the "Daily Planet," the biggest and most influential newspaper in Metropolis. Dyspeptic editor Perry White (Lane Smith) decides to team Clark with the paper's star reporter, the ...

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Aug 7, 2009

A Special Series!

When I was young & back in LA, the neighbors used to come to our house every Sunday & later Saturday to watch L&C. We had a very big colored TV, & my mom used to make the best chicken wings ever. The neighbors used to bring different dishes, & it was a weekly event that brought the whole neighborhood together. The neighbors used to joke about it & say that they only gathered in our house because of the TV & mom's chicken wings, but when our house was robbed, all the neighbors came for moral support & sat with us on the porch saying that they would watch SUPERMAN in the re-run. I miss those days, & I always wished my kids could have such wonderful & peaceful moments.
The weekend in SA in Thur & Fri, & guess what?! One day, my son asked me if he could have some friends over to watch a movie. They were watching L&C. I bought all the seasons, & my kids are watching the series, 4 episodes each time. They are enjoying it, & they say, it's one of the series they would like their children to watch one day.

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