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Bill Forsyth's whimsical tale of sweet-natured corporate rapacity features standout performances by Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert. Lancaster plays Texas billionaire Felix Happer, who would rather gaze at the stars than worry about his multi-national oil company. Happer dispatches Mac MacIntyre (Peter Riegert) and Danny Oldsen (Peter Capaldi) to the small Scottish fishing village of Ferness to negotiate buying the entire town so Happer can drill for oil in the North Sea. Much to Mac's surprise, the entire town is happy to ...


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Feb 26, 2009

An Okay movie

This was an okay movie. Nothing spectacular to it. It seemed like it was trying to make a statement about something but was very obscure and fleeting. The movie sort of jerked along, not quite sure what direction it was going in. Rather mediocre movie of trying to

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