Like Dandelion Dust ()

directed by Jon Gunn
featuring Mira Sorvino, Barry Pepper, Kate Levering, Maxwell Perry Cotton, Cole Hauser

Show Synopsis

Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino and Barry Pepper star in My Date with Drew director Jon Gunn's heart-wrenching tale of a recently released ex-con who uses a legal loophole to locate his son, who was adopted by an upper-crust family shortly after his father was incarcerated. When Rip Porter (Pepper) went to prison, his wife, Wendy (Sorvino), couldn't handle the responsibilities of being a single parent. Wanting the best for her newborn son, Joey, she put the boy up for adoption. Adopted by Jack (Cole Hauser) and Molly ...


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May 26, 2011


This arrived in great shape, right on time.
Will surely use this company again.
Ella Mae Watson

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