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Kevin Kline stars as George, a down-on-his-luck architect in this tearjerker from Irwin Winkler (At First Sight, Guilty By Suspicion). A disdainful local character who draws disapproval from the community, particularly his neighbor played by Mary Steenburgen, George sets out to change his life after suddenly losing his longtime job and discovering he's terminally ill (he has cancer). Attempting to reconnect with his estranged and troubled son, Sam (Hayden Christiansen), George endeavors to spend the summer they have ...


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Oct 22, 2009

movie:Life As A House

I thought this movie was one of the best dramas I've seen in awhile. Kevin Kline and Hayden Christensen were really good as father and son and appeared to have good chemistry between them. It is a movie that makes you really appreciate how important your family is and how much you'll miss them when they're gone. Make sure to have a box of kleenex handy as it is quite a tear-jerker at times.

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