Last Chance Harvey ()

directed by Joel Hopkins
featuring Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Kathy Baker, James Brolin, Eileen Atkins

Show Synopsis

A disastrous trip to London proves to have a silver lining for a middle-aged American jingle writer in this romantic slice-of-life drama starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Harvey (Hoffman) is about to lose his unfulfilling dead-end job writing jingles when he boards a plane to attend his daughter's wedding in London. He hasn't turned out a memorable tune in some time, and should Harvey fail to come up with something catchy during his trip overseas, he knows that his boss (Richard Schiff) is ready and willing to let ...


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Sep 11, 2017

Romance for grownups

This is a charming film about two grown adults, leading ordinary but somewhat lonely lives who encounter one another through a series of events and begin a friendship which quickly blossoms into the possibility of much more. It unfolds naturally and softly as a true romance does. The film brings together the fine talents of Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman in a seamless way in which you lose yourself in the story. Also starring Kathy Baker and James Brolin. A wonderful rainy day treat, or "date" movie at home.


Nov 4, 2014

There's always a 'last chance'

The movie arrived in good condition. My husband and I both enjoyed it and the hope it offers. It's just a 'feel good' movie....especially as you see relationships develop.


Apr 24, 2014

last chance harvey

This is a rare gem in which none of the actors seem to be acting; it's relaxed & real, as are life's complications & the ultimate simplification of two mature lives. Great vehicle for the ensemble.


Jan 17, 2010

A thoroughly enjoyable film.

One of the fresher romances, Last Chance Harvey is a winner from start to finish.
Harvey Shine, divorced and about to attend the wedding of his daughter, lands in London feeling like a fish out of water, especially when he finds the step-dad is going to give the bride away. Things go from bad to worse: his pale linen suit looks creased and out of place among the dark, conservative ones at the pre-nuptial dinner ("You said white" he says to his ex-wife, a little embarrassed.) Just to turn the knife, there is still the 'klonky' security block attached to one sleeve, and he finds that he is very much out of the picture to do with the wedding honours.
Meeting Kate Walker, 40-ish and the proverbial wallflower, he begins to relax, relishing her outspokenness and her sheer niceness. They attend the reception together and prevail, finishing the evening by falling in love.
What makes this story delightful is the charisma of the two stars. Hoffman's gaze of admiration and attraction towards Kate is wonderful in its intensity and sexiness, and Emma Thompson (ever fresh and winning) slowly realises there is the chance of real love. It's a must for those who love romance and wry humour.

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