Into the Wild ()

directed by Sean Penn
featuring Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Jena Malone, Catherine Keener

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Into the Wild is writer/director Sean Penn's adaptation of the popular book by Jon Krakauer, a nonfiction account of the post-collegiate wanderings of a young Virginia man, who divorces himself from his friends, family, and possessions in search of a greater spiritual knowledge and communion with nature. Upon his 1990 graduation from Emory University in Atlanta, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) walks away from a loving if dysfunctional family and sends his nearly 25,000-dollar life savings to Oxfam International. ...

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Karen H

Jan 26, 2013

Into the Wild

Finally! A mvoie as well done as the book was excellent


Aug 1, 2010



Sep 11, 2008

follow your heart

this is a GREAT movie. it is an accuratly true story about this young man who looks for truth, freedom, and simple beauty in nature. the movie is popcorned with real people acting, so the movie FEELS real as a whole. It's humorous, thought- provoking, and inspiring. It has many beautiful shots and a soulful soundtrack mostly by eddie vedder.


Apr 6, 2008

2007's most under appreciated film

I have but one complaint about Sean Penn's brilliant adaptation of Jon Krakauer's gripping saga of wanderlust, incredibly poor judgment, and death in Alaska: too much Eddie Vedder for my taste. However, that wasn't enough to detract from drinking in the well-crafted journey of real-life eccentric loaner Chris McCandless.

Emil Hirsch's charm and devil-may-care grin allowed me to get over my frustration with his character's obsessive "death wish" and simply ride along with him. And what a ride it was?I'm convinced Sean Penn channeled, to some extent, the visual aesthetic of Terrence Malick with an attention to detail, and nature as bystander, typical of the latter director's own films. Eric Gautier's cinematography is lush and pensive and brings to life the physical realities McCandless must have sought out and escape into.

The cast is splendid. Mr. Penn should be praised for bringing a very decent performance out of Vince Vaughn. (Werner Herzog managed the same feat casting a credible Steve Zahn in "Rescue Dawn". Another under appreciated 2007 biopic.) As Carine McCandless, Jena Malone does a terrific job of narrating the film through letters written by her brother, always a one-way communiqué. While the entire cast is praise worthy the relationship between McCandless and the elderly Ron Franz, played by Hal Holbrook, and then Jan Burres, played by Catherine Keener, brought to life an even deeper sense of heartbreak to the Into the Wild story?soliciting tears without becoming maudlin. I found myself drawn to the characters McCandless collected during his travels even envying the self-reliance and ingenuity of Slab City?an existence a far cry from my own.

It was unfortunate to see Sean Penn shunned by the Oscars (SAG got it right) but I have a theory that the Academy is terrified of real-life loaners perishing in Alaska, rather than an aversion to his adaptation of an equally compelling book.

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