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Producer/director Charles Ferguson (No End in Sight) speaks at length with journalists, politicians, and financial insiders in order to offer a clearer picture of the economic meltdown that hit America starting in 2008. Academy Award winner Matt Damon narrates this unflinching look at the deep-rooted corruption that has left millions of middle-class Americans jobless and homeless as the major corporations get bailed out while paying millions in bonuses. Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Aug 18, 2011

Best Documentary on Financial Crisis

Academy Award winning documentary on the financial crisis. Your best information on the subject unless you read books. Suggested readings include: 13 Bankers (Johnson & Kwak), To Big to Fail (Sorkin), All the Devils are Here (McLean & Nocera), and Reckless Endangerment (Morgenson & Rosner).

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