In a Sunburned Country


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The bestselling author of "A Walk in the Woods" now takes a truly outrageous tour Down Under, revealing hundreds of entertaining eccentricities about the world's largest island--and about himself. Leaving no Vegemite unsavored, readers will accompany Bryson as he dodges jellyfish while learning to surf at Bondi Beach, discovers a fish that can climb trees, dehydrates in sweltering deserts, and tells the true story of the rejected Danish architect who designed the Sydney Opera House.

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Gordon P E

Aug 29, 2014

Should include sunscreen...

Another Bryson epic! It would take an author of his literary talent and wicked sense of humour to do justice to a country as vast and complex as Aus.
He clearly has a deep affection for the place, the natural environment, the people and the social scene. His vivid descriptions carry the reader along beside him, chuckling at his comments all the way. Great stuff...!


Feb 24, 2011

Another tome by my favorite nutcase

I loved A Walk in the Woods. When I began planning a trip to Australia, I had to buy this book.

Bryson may have done too much driving and not enough reporting about the areas of Australia he was writing about, but I could not stop laughing.

Whether or not you are planning a trip to the only country + continent in the world, it is worth reading. I am now planning to read the rest of his books.


Dec 3, 2009

Makes me want to go to Australia all the more. Very funny in spots - very interesting in others - makes you realize just how big Australia really is


Jun 25, 2009

Australian Outback

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale in large part due to my wanting to go to Australia. Bryson makes you feel like you are there sweating away the outback with him. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in travel and Australia.


Jul 2, 2008

A Long Trek Down Under

Bill Bryson?s "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" carried me back to my childhood, laughing all the way. I thoroughly enjoyed his admirable attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail in "A Walk in the Woods" but "In a Sunburned Country" did not hold my attention. The historical facts were interesting, the vivid descriptions of wildly varied scenery left me longing to catch the next 20-hour flight to Sydney, and his humorous approach to the many venomous and man-eating creatures was typical, enjoyable Bryson. So why did it take me two weeks to get through this book? He has written better.

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