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Grover Reindorf (Kyle Howard) is a kid with a problem, which is how to keep his parents from divorcing. He hits on a solution that makes sense to him. Why not lock them up in the basement, and keep them there until they reconcile? He and his younger sister Stacey (Amy Sakasitz) agree to do just that, and they successfully lure their parents into the basement and lock them in. When their junior-high-school friends find out what they've done, they decide that their own misbehaving parents need exactly the same treatment. One ...

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Feb 3, 2017

Good job

Thank you so much .. the movie I ordered was house arrest 1996 .. it came in very good condition and shipped fast.. I have bee searching for this movie everywhere and I finally found it .. thanks to you .. I Wil be ordering from you in the feature wishes

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