High Fidelity ()

directed by Stephen Frears
featuring John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Jack Black, Todd Louiso, Lisa Bonet

Show Synopsis

A man discovers that there's more to love than a good mixed tape in this dramatic comedy about music and relationships. Rob (John Cusack), an obsessive record collector in his mid-thirties, is struggling to reconcile his adolescent enthusiasm for pop music with adult responsibilities and a more mature outlook. He runs a record shop with his friends Barry (Jack Black) and Dick (Todd Louiso), who are known to drive away customers whose taste in music doesn't match their exacting standards -- which may have something to do ...


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Apr 26, 2009

My special Monday Morning tape...

I can't believe no one has reviewed this movie yet!

High Fidelity is one of my all time top five films! You'll hear that a lot in the film... Rob, the main character makes top five lists of everything. Mostly it's music or films.

His girlfriend Laura has recently left him and we get to see Rob plummet into an insane depression and desperation, with brilliantly funny consequences.

You see, Rob owns a record store - Championship Vinyl - which isn't doing so well. And he has two guys working for him who drive him up the wall. Many of the best scenes take place in the store, whether the characters are argueing over the merits of particular song choices or secretly loathing their customers for having inferior taste ("do you even know your daughter? There's no way she likes that song...OH...OH...is she in a coma?!")

Jack Black is absolutely brilliant as Barry, an outragous and sarcastic music snob who works for Rob. It's worth watching just to see him! But the whole film is brilliant. Cusack's character talks to the camera, pulling the viewer into the world of the film and making you feel even more involved with the plot.

Guys especially, love this film, it seems there is a lot they can empathise with. Girls will love it too though, I do! Rob is both attractive and a right nasty git... confusingly appealing to many women!

The soundtrack is brilliant and if you love your music and you would really put a lot of thought into choosing your top five records of all time, watch this film. You'll see a little bit of yourself in it and you'll laugh!

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