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No one was surprised in 1929 that aviation mogul Howard R. Hughes would produce a paean to World War I flying aces like Hell's Angels. Given Hughes' comparative inexperience as a moviemaker, however, everyone was taken slightly aback that the finished film was as good as it was. The very American Ben Lyon and James Hall play (respectively) Monte and Roy Rutledge, a couple of British brothers who drop out of Oxford to join the British Royal Flying Corps. Several early scenes establish Lyon and Hall's romantic rivalry over ...


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Denise B

Jun 25, 2014

great movie

bought for husband who loves these movies.
great shipping and received fast.

Joseph V M

Apr 7, 2011

See a snapshot of the past

This is an awesome movie with a perspective of war and its terrible side and the ingenuity of man in the early 1900's..

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