Ghost Rider ()

directed by Mark Steven Johnson
featuring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, Sam Elliott

Show Synopsis

When a motorcycle-riding stuntman offers his soul to Mephistopheles in order to save the life of the one he loves most, he is forced to play host to a powerful supernatural entity whose flaming skull visage strikes fear into the heart of his enemies in this feature-film version of the long-running comic series. By day, Johnny Blaze (actor and comic-book devotee Nicolas Cage) is one of the world's best-known stuntmen, but when the sun goes down and he is in the presence of evil, the death-defying daredevil bursts into flames ...

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Feb 28, 2010

Comic Fans will love it!

If you aren't a fan of comic-book heroes, you won't like this movie; however, if you are, and a fan of Nic Cage as well, then this is too, too cool! Ghost Rider is a motorcycle star (think E. Knievel) who, as a teenager, made a deal with the Devil (played by---who else?---Peter Fonda!). The good news is that he has superhuman powers, but the bad news is that he belongs to the Devil as a collector of souls, which means when his pager goes off, there's no hiding from the job. Huge fun---flame-surrounded bike, evil rivals, short-on-understanding boss, pretty girl--- it's all there!

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