Frankenstein: The True Story ()

directed by Jack Smight
featuring Tom Baker, John Gielgud, Clarissa Kaye, Margaret Leighton, James Mason, Michael Sarrazin, Leonard Whiting

Show Synopsis

Per its title, Jack Smight's Frankenstein: The True Story, strives for greater faithfulness to Mary Shelley's novel than prior versions. Thus, as in the book, Dr. Frankenstein's (Leonard Whiting) creation is no monster, but a handsome young man of high intelligence (Michael Sarrazin). In fact, the doctor and his creature are the best of friends until the latter's body begins to deteriorate. This sends the creature over the bend into insanity, prompting Frankenstein -- with the help of his evil mentor, Dr. Polidori (James ...

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Dec 11, 2009

movie review: Frankenstein

This movie even though it was made back in the early 70's is one of the best redentions of the classic Mary Shelley novel. What made this movie so good was the emphasis on character not on the horror. Leonard Whiting, Jane Seymour, David McCallum and James Mason were outstanding in their roles, but the real star was MIchael Sarrazin. His portrayal of the creature was endearing. He took a character that usually was deemed horrifying and turned him into an individual with heart, soul and love for his creator/father. Very touching story.

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