First to Die ()

directed by Russell Mulcahy
featuring Tracy Pollan, Gil Bellows, Robert Patrick, Pam Grier, Sean Young

Show Synopsis

The scene is San Francisco, where a diabolically crafty serial killer is preying on newlywed couples, killing the groom before the bride and then removing both wedding rings. Assigned to track down this maniac is homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer (Tracy Pollan), who, despite the usual quota of false clues and red herrings, seems more than prepared for the biggest challenge of her career. But Lindsay is not prepared for facing her own mortality: She has been diagnosed with a blood disease that nearly always proves fatal and ...

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[email protected]

Oct 28, 2010

1st rate movie

I totally loved this movie and found it followed the book. It was very suspenseful. I am looking forward to more movies by James Patterson.

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