Fearless ()

directed by Ronny Yu
featuring Jet Li, Betty Sun, Dong Yong, Shidou Nakamura, Collin Chou

Show Synopsis

Fearless opens in Shanghai, China, circa 1910, when wushu master Huo Yuanjia (martial arts superstar Jet Li) prepares to battle one Japanese opponent, Tanaka (Shidou Nakamura), and three American opponents (Anthony de Longis, Jean-Claude Leuyer, and Brandon Rhea) in a massive tournament. The picture then cuts back to Huo's boyhood in the city of Tianjin, in North China, circa 1880, when his father forbids him from engaging in martial-arts training. He must therefore slip off and train covertly. Around 1900, Huo -- then in ...

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Sep 17, 2008

A great Martial arts Movie

This is defiantly one of the best movies I have ever watched, and the best Martial arts Movie I've seen . The movie is very well made, the action is superb, and it also has a lot of meaning to it.


Mar 27, 2008

The best kung-fu movie of all time.

^and that's saying something. I have seen MANY kung-fu action movies in my day, but this one reaches new heights. Consider every element a good kung-fu epic should have: amazing fight scenes (duh), epic rivalry, love interest, and spiritual enrichment. This movie manages to capture the essence of the genres in a way you would never imagine possible.

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