Fates Worse Than Death


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Kurt Vonnegut is unquestionably a major shaper of the way the late twentieth century views itself. Now, as the 1900s stagger toward an end, Vonnegut looks back, examining the issues and events, both personal and cultural, that to him denote the past decade. Whether the subject is a death in the family, Vonnegut's own brush with suicidal depression, the future of the planet, the Galapagos, or his keen interest in discovering if indeed there is a fate worse than death, Vonnegut's genius of universal narrative has never been ...

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Lester O

Sep 16, 2010

One of Kurt's top 5

I never thought that I would find more books of Kurt Vonnegut's after he passed away that I hadn't read. Having read all of his books in the 80's, my faves were "Cat's Cradle," and "The Sirens of Titan." If you have read all or most of his books, this book will offer you lots of insights into his thought patterns. As always, he's so open about what he believes and why. So refreshing. Mostly a collection of his various speeches and additional thoughts on life, "Fates Worse than Death" was like the perfect dessert following the most deliscious meal. After "Fates Worse than Death," read "Palm Sunday," which is more of the same. It could have been volume 2 of "Fates Worse than Death." These two books actually made me realize that my thoughts about so many things in life and his thoughts are the same. If you haven't read many of his books, read the early books first. These last two pull a lot of things together. An excellent read.

We miss you, Kurt.

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