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Two wacky guys find both romance and fortune in the hamburger business in this comedy. Augie (Clark Brandon) and Drew (Randal Patrick) are a pair of longtime students at Hopkins University who've been making a living by pulling one semi-legal scam after another for years, but one day the dean (J. Don Ferguson) decides he's had enough of their antics and gets rid of them the best way he knows how -- he graduates them. Forced into the real world, the guys are looking for something resembling a career when Augie gets ...

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May 17, 2010

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TITLE: Fast Food
GENRE: Romantic comedy/fantasy
CAST: Clark Brandon, Randal Patrick, Tracy Griffith, Lanny Horn, Michael J. Pollard, Jim Varney and Traci Lords
PLOT: The biggest twist here is that two college losers, instead of getting kicked out of school, get graduated into the real world. After a series of age old comic pratfalls, it comes down to be right or be gone.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 8 of 10 for mid-teen boys anticipating college; 5 of 10 for the rest of us; If you're drawn by the graphics of a Traci Lords involvement in this effort, forget it. For her brief parts (He He He), it doesn't even look like her, The make up coifs and costumes are so lame.
ADDED Notes: For Varney fans (I don't mind his humor usually) there are several presentations of his comic stooge versatility. Hey, I'm trying to be nice here. Grandma go away. It's raining and the kids are going to watch a movie.

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