Extreme Measures ()

directed by Michael Apted
featuring Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Morse, Bill Nunn

Show Synopsis

Comic leading man Hugh Grant gets serious in this drama about a physician who uncovers a truly disturbing secret. Guy Luthan (Hugh Grant), a British doctor serving a residence in a hospital in New York City, is very puzzled by a patient brought to the emergency room one night. Naked, disoriented, and bearing a hospital bracelet and a fresh surgical scar, the mystery man is suffering from a baffling variety of symptoms, and though he dies not long after he's admitted, Luthan can't get the patient out of his mind. When he ...

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Jul 25, 2009


A very intriguing movie. I am not a big Hugh Grant fan. This one was interesting though. Lots of suspense. If you can make it through the language, the storyline is good.

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