Evolution: A Theory in Crisis


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Dr. Denton's book sets out to explain the gathering scientific evidence against evolution in its traditional form. It is a clear account of a growing crisis in biology and enables us to understand why an increasing number of research scientists are questioning strict Darwinism.

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Feb 2, 2010

An Honest Atheist!

Hong's opinion that this is a book pushing Intelligent Design is wrong. The author is an honest atheist, scientist. He saw that his studies of molecular biology contradicted Evolution at every turn. He, as a scientist, knows that Evolution fails badly in explaining where we come from. He, as an atheist, knows that there is no God. He, as an atheist, knows that "typology (Creationism) is based in metaphysical nonsense" (page 117). So he tells his fellow atheists to quit shoring up this lousy theory, start from scratch, and figure out how we actually got here!
His problem is that he can't come up with a better theory than Evolution. . . and "typology. . .fits the evidence we see around us in nature very exactly" (page 117). So it is a great book ACCIDENTALLY defending the Bible!!

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