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Richard Burton plays a psychiatrist who attempts to discover why young Peter Firth has taken to mutilating live horses. In probing Firth's psyche, Burton discovers that the source of the boy's obsession is his mother, Joan Plowright, who has raised Firth with a convoluted set of values. Even as he gets closer to the reason behind Firth's horrendous acts, Burton discovers many previously locked-away secrets within himself. Equus was based on the play by Peter Schaffer who received an Academy Award Nomination for his adapted ...

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Jul 10, 2008


This is a movie not a book. I still got it because of Richard Burton. Again anything with him in it I adore. The movie is very unique story. I will not give it away but it is Richard playing a phycrist to a young man of 18 or so who blinds some horses. It is kinda weird story. It is not about showing hurting the horses but why the boy did it. It is interesting.
Richard Burton fan all the way.

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