Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in Light of God's Everything


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In a world where success is defined by fame and recognition, an established Christian author writes anonymously and passionately about how life is more rewarding when focused on humility, service, sacrifice, and surrender.

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James E

Sep 27, 2012

An excellent read!

An excellent read - what a challenge to those of us who live in a culture of "success", "self-realization", and "look at ME". To honestly look at oneself in light of what Jesus said and lived puts us in our place of "becoming nothing in light of God's everything".

At the same time, the author shows our significance and value is found in Jesus Christ, not in the world's view of us. His question that puts it in a capsule - "Will you walk worthy of the glorious gospel - even if no one ever knows your name?"

Definitely a book I will recommend and pass on to others.

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