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When French playwright Pierre Corneille wrote El Cid, a fanciful version of the life of 11th-century Spanish hero Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, aka "El Cid", an attempt was made to honor the "classic unities" and to compress the whole story into a single day! Be assured that the 1961 film version of El Cid is more faithful to the actual chronology. Charlton Heston adds one more character to his gallery of historical portrayals as El Cid, the disgraced Spanish knight who rids his country of its Moorish conquerors. The triumphs of ...

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May 29, 2011

Epic Movie Masterpiece

If you love Epic movies which can keep you occupied three hours or more with lots of popcorn and soft drinks, this movie is IT. This dazzling spectacle with a cast of zillions, will give a glimpse of Spain and will fulfill your idea of what a real sword & armour movie ought to be. Enjoy and savour several times over the years !


Aug 20, 2009

Having loved this film since I first saw it as a single 20-year-old in 1962, it is particularly satisfying to have my very own copy of it at last. Altho' I'm not a Charlton Heston fan particularly, I am so impressed with the Art Direction and historically-perfect Costuming here -- in fact, the production values overall. They are superb! Most of all, the remarkable score by Miklos Rosza (sp?) is my favorite among all of the films I have ever seen. It is beyond glorious. +++ The story tells of an extraordinary man, almost too virtuous, too heroic, and very much stricken by Love, who must somehow conquer two great evils, and the very original methods by which he succeeds. Whether or not the story is a true one, the various portrayals of every major character are timeless and completely credible, in spite of the eleventh-century setting. Thus my five-star rating. The only thing one might change is the choice of actor who portrays "Chimene's" father, as there is no way a fellow who looks like him could produce a child who looks like HER! +++


Mar 12, 2009

Classic movie

Good story line and great period movie.

The movie itself was in brand new condition
the jacket immaculate.

1 Silent Rating

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