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A special-effects laden medieval fantasy adventure, Dragonslayer centers on the attempts of a young sorcerer's apprentice to defeat a vicious dragon and save a lovely young maiden. Peter MacNicol stars as the young Galen, an aspiring magician under the tutelage of the aging Ulrich (Ralph Richardson). A nearby village turns to the pair for help when their leader begins proffering sacrifices of young virgins to satisfy a vicious dragon. The two immediately set out for battle, becoming even more determined when a courageous ...


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May 30, 2012

Not too bad, if you have nothing better to do

Not exactly a compelling movie. Good acting, though. MacNicol gives a reasonable performance for a young actor, and most of the other actors show reasonably good chops, but there is no danger of an Academy Award here. Good story, but kinda weak on effects.

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