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Vulgar, slapstick comedy abounds in this feature film debut for television sitcom star Kelsey Grammer. Almost everyone else thinks of Lieutenant Commander Tom Dodge is a class "A" goof who messes up every task he is assigned, but Adm. Dean Winslow thinks otherwise and decides to give Dodge one last chance by assigning him to helm an outmoded, diesel powered, rusty in a series of wargames. Dodge's sub is to be the enemy and must somehow outsmart their high tech opponents. Though ostensibly only games, Admiral Yancy Graham, ...

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Oct 8, 2012


this movie is an a+ at any given time of day or night


Jun 26, 2008


Dodge is given a group of misfits and a heap of a submarine, with the 'impossible' task of penetrating the defense of the Navy's newest hi-tech sub, led by the typical jerk Admiral wanna-be. Dodge creates a clever stratagy using the crew's odd strengths, some ingenuity, and thinking like a pirate.
This movie is truly funny. I always laugh at the characters and lines, even though we've seen it several times. It's a somewhat silly comedy, but it's not idotic or crass like many recent movies. It's on my 'gotta own it' list because it's always enjoyable to watch.

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