Diary of a Mad Housewife ()

directed by Frank Perry
featuring Richard Benjamin, Frank Langella, Carrie Snodgress, Lorraine Cullen, Frannie Michel

Show Synopsis

Superstardom was predicted for Carrie Snodgress on the basis of her spectacular film debut in Diary of a Mad Housewife. Snodgress plays the long-suffering wife of pushy, insensitive attorney Richard Benjamin. Unable to withstand being treated as a trophy (and a tarnished one at that), Snodgress has a brief affair with sexy Frank Langella. Alas, Langella, like virtually every other male character in the film, is just as selfish and self-involved as Benjamin. Even when she enters group therapy, Snodgress is disenchanted by ...

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Feb 13, 2010

a study of why the women's movement got going

and a study of the inner contradictions of late twentieth century yuppies....with many snickering swipes at other social absurdities of that class...social climbing, sexist psychiatry, alienated housekeeping and child care practices, etc. And party banter. And the hows and ways of spouse-cheating. So much to say that I think this film was groundbreaking in its reach for a new popular consciousness.....the sixties had turned into the seventies and people were beginning to turn "inward" as the saying goes. All personal issues were being examined much more closely, with an eye to how to increasingly humanize our cultural institutions for a world of peace and opportunity......The womens movement, the gay rights movement, the animal rights movement...all were growing in 1970, and this film captures some of the absurd why's....inherent in the world as we knew it. Sure it is a little dated now, but I also choose to believe that there has been a big change from some of the grosser phoniness of yuppie home life. I choose to believe that many more of us have seen the light here.....

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