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With the Third Reich disintegrating, several members of the German army are defecting to the Americans and offering their services as spies. US officer Gary Merrill trusts none of these last-minute "converts", but German prisoner Oskar Werner seems to be sincere. Werner insists that by helping the Americans, he is saving Germany from destruction. Merrill sends Werner behind enemy lines for counter-espionage with an American officer (Richard Basehart), who still isn't convinced that the German expatriate means what he says. ...


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Apr 5, 2012

Call it Treason

This film is based on the book "Call it Treason." It is a true story, filmed on location. All of the uniforms, vehicles, arms and other props are original. The author of the book was on site helping to keep the film true to the book and the story. The story poses interesting questions as to right and wrong and when is "treason" really patriotism.


May 29, 2011

Riveting Spy Drama

Oskar Werner plays the leading role to technical perfection in this Spy movie of WWII. It has little violence as ususally seen in Gun-Ho battle-filled scenes of typical American movies. A nice change of pace, and intelligently produced. No wonder it got an Oscar nomination !

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