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Surly 18-year-old "reaper" George Lass (Ellen Muth) reluctantly continues to pursue her afterlife job -- helping souls who are about to die make a peaceful and dignified transition to the next world -- in the second season of the darkly humorous Dead Like Me. As the season opens, George concludes that her day job at Happy Time Temp Agency may not be so bad when she meets novice office worker Brennan (Steven Grayhm) -- this despite the fact that her previous attempts at romance in the afterlife have not ended too happily. ...

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Oct 23, 2008

Wish there were more

I only heard of "Dead Like Me" when "Pushing Daisies" premiered last year, but I would never have seen it if our local CW station hadn't run it on Sunday mornings. Even then, I only caught a few minutes of a few of episodes before it was replaced. After that, I had to see the entire series. The characters are odd and endearing, the actors bring them to life, or, whatever. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode, and can hardly wait for my wish to come true.

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