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In director Richard Lester's Cuba, Sean Connery plays British soldier-of-fortune Robert Dapes, sent to Havana during the last days of the Batista regime. He is supposed to train Batista's soldiers for their upcoming confrontations with Castro's followers. As Dapes becomes increasingly sympathetic towards the rebel cause, he takes a few precious moments to renew his romance with Alexandra Pulido (Brooke Adams), who is now married to Juan Pulido (Chris Sarandon). The basic thrust of the film is that unchecked capitalism is ...

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Sep 17, 2012

Good 70s Lester

Richard Lester did some remarkable wortk in the 70s, all of it worth looking at. CUBA is probably the least of his efforts in that decade, but still an enchanting film, largely for its photography and its creation of a decadent Cuba teetering on the brink. The fast and fantastic Cuba depicted in the film is more the Cuba of American fantasy and reckless abandon than the real historical Cuba of the Batista era. No one has ever shot rum, cigars, and sleazy nightclubs so lushly. Plot and especially dialogue are below par for Lester, but the film makes a wonderful guilty pleasure.

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