Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed


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A study of the downfall of some of history's greatest civilizations, written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, includes coverage of such cultures as the Anasazi, the Maya, and the Viking colony on Greenland, tracing patterns of environmental damage, climate change, poor political choices, and other factors that ...

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Oct 2, 2015

Another gem from Diamond

My husband, a professor at St. John's Univ., finds this text invaluable in its content and its presentation of material. He is cherishing Jared Diamond's book; and when he is done with it, I intend to read it.


Sep 3, 2010

A very good book

Because I have interest in the hisotry of Mayan culture, theexposition of it in this book has fascinated me very much. It is worthy of reading.


Jul 2, 2010

Calm, honest analysis

Diamond did not select bits of research findings to support his arguments. The message and the warnings our society should hear are oh, so calmy, cool-headedly exposed and credible. The tragedy-as in all of Diamond's books- is that the people who are the"chiefs", who ask us to build more temples from shrinking resources, was not heard then. Alas it will not be heard now, Very well written and argued, Excellent book.


Mar 4, 2010

Excellent and timely

Anybody who saw the recent earthquake devastation in Haiti needs to read Diamond's overview of how and why they had become a place of devastation from deforestation long before the earthquake. It should be a lesson for the world and a preview of disaster when the laws of nature are ignored in favor of profits.
We purchase copies of Diamond's book and give them as gifts to help educate and inform others so political policy doesn't lead us down the wrong path AGAIN


Jul 2, 2009

Long book

I normally read very fast and enjoy reading, but this book puts me to sleep.

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