Cellular and Molecular Immunology


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Properties and overview of immune responses -- Cells and tissues of the immune system -- Leukocyte circulation and migration into tissues -- Innate immunity -- Antibodies and antigens -- Antigen presentation to t lymphocytes and the functions of major histocompatibility complex molecules -- Immune receptors and signal transduction -- Lymphocyte development and antigen receptor gene rearrangement -- Activation of t lymphocytes -- Differentiation and functions of cd4+ effector t cells -- Differentiation and functions of cd8+ ...

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Alexander F

Jan 20, 2011

probably the best immunology text for med school

Abbas's Cellular and Molecular Immunology is structured in much the same way as his other textbook, Robbin's Pathology. Concepts are delineated in a clear and concise manner, although the illustrations are not quite as good as some other texts. Still, current alternatives (like Parham's The Immune System, itself a summary of Janeway's Immunobiology) are not quite as direct, as they offer details that are probably more interesting to immunologists than medical students.
(This is not to say that The Immune System is not helpful, but it's far less direct than this book.)

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