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A volume of key writings on the Buddha, collected from a variety of languages and traditions While Buddhism has no central text comparable to the Bible or Koran, there is a powerful body of scripture from across Asia that encompasses the dharma , or the teachings of the Buddha. In this rich anthology, eminent scholar Donald S. Lopez, Jr. brings together works from a broad historical and geographical range, and from such languages as Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese. There are tales of the Buddha's past ...

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Jan 12, 2009

Useful and surprisingly varied

This collection of Buddhist stories and scriptures proved very useful to me as a teaching assistant in teaching certain concepts and ideas from Buddhism to first year Religious Studies students. It offers a very wide and varied selection of texts which can serve a number of uses. I found the introduction insightful and educational to say the least.
Each story or text has an introduction explaining its meaning or setting and its place in Buddhist thought and scripture. The editor is a renowned scholar of Buddhism, which is exemplified in the quality of writing and the accessibility of the introductions to the different texts.
The collection may not always offer the example or source text that you need for a specific class or research project but it offers so many good texts and especially so many texts you might not have considered to look for otherwise that it is bound to surprise and educate.
The book sports a short but useful glossary of Buddhist concepts that will serve the reader well.
I'd say the book is accessible to academic and non-academic readers alike, from a variety of disciplines, and I would heartily recommend it.

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