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Ian Macdonald's RIVER OF GODS, painted a vivid picture of a near future India, 100 years after independence. It revolutionised British SF for a new generation by taking a perspective that was not European or American. BRASYL will do the same for South America's largest and most vibrant country. A story that begins in the favelas, the slums of Rio, and quickly expands to take in drugs, corruption, and a frightening new technology that allows access to all the multiple worlds that have slipped into existence in other planes ...

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Apr 2, 2009

Loved it..hated it

I have really mixed feelings about this book. Generally, I like 3 storyline plots. This one is an exception. I loved the 1732 storyline, but struggled with the other 2. All the Portugese terms and words were distracting. The glossary was a huge help, but constantly going back to it became a drudge. It's a shame, because Ian McDonald is a good writer. The narrative parts of the book and the overall plot were great.

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