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Bruce Dern is ideally cast as Lander, a crazed Vietnam veteran, in Black Sunday. Lander joins terrorists Dahlia (Marthe Keller) and Fasil (Bekim Fehmu) in a plot to create a bloodbath at the annual Super Bowl. Piloting the ubiquitous Goodyear blimp, Lander is to ram the aircraft into the capacity Orange Bowl crowd, then fire thousands of poisoned darts into the fleeing spectators. Israeli military officer Kabakov (Robert Shaw) struggles to thwart Lander's plan before it comes to fruition. Hal Erickson, Rovi

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Mar 18, 2011


What a brilliant film from that period. The suspense and action never let down. Robert Shaw as the good guy and Bruce Dern as the bad guy are awesome. Marthe Keller plays the bad girl. I won't reveal the story and break your suspense but let me tell you one thing. This is one movie that after you sit down to watch never lets up. You will never notice how time flies. Its that gripping. Don't pass up on this DVD. Buy it and watch it.

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